Construction Material Line Of Credit

American Pole and Timber Pre-Construction

How does construction work?

A place visit will be necessary to help decide the best location to set the new build. This will be a worthy chance to gather info about what the customer necessitates and will also aid us to produce a site risk valuation.

Once we have established your course with you on site, a plan proposal can be generated. If the offer has been established then we are in a situation to work with our engineer and give you a more thorough design.

Furthermore, a number of appointments may be desirable to take quantities. Risk assessments and method declarations will be sent before the construction phase.

Rope Course Material: Construction

Afterwards when on site a number of errands will be necessary to be accomplished before construction work can take place. The zone in which the construction will take place will be fortified with barrier fencing or warning tape to guarantee no un-authorized access can be achieved whilst we are building on site.

We are conscious that on some sites there may be amenities but in most cases we commonly do a CAT scan of the whole area. The area will be marked out and once the customer is contented we will begin.

If the ground needs to be flattened out then this will not deter the construction process, as we will be completely fortified to encounter this incidence. We recognize that most customers want their course open as soon as possible thus we will continue to achieve this.

Rope Course Material: Ground Covering

If ground covering were desired we would commend pea gravel but if it is a site in trees a wood chip covering may be the more suitable solution. Pea gravel will be about 150mm covering with a treated timber surround.

Wood chip covering must be no less than 200mm as well as a treated timber surround, wood chip have a tendency to compress over time, so a 250mm start depth is mostly commended.

Yet wood chip needs constant upkeep to guarantee that shock absorbency is supported. Ground covering will be placed on a geo textile membrane to avert foliage growing through. A site with good drainage is necessary.

Rope Course Material: Post Construction

On hand over the following list will be provided

  • Maintenance manual
  • Operations manual
  • Training

Belay Systems

Belay systems that we provide are the following

  • Klipa Connector Security Technology

The Klipa connector is a safety expedient intended to safeguard constant connection to a safety line throughout a journey; its main use is in the high ropes venture industry providing a clip-on-stay-on security system.


Considered to attach to a work harness at the working coil. The Klipa functions as a connector devise intended to let attachment to a harness without letting the user to unintentionally disconnect thus providing the following features

  • Ensures protection connection at all times
  • Keenly involves the user in the voyage and operation
  • Permits the user to transfer from one safety line to the next without stoppage.
  • The Klipa is engineered to the highest standard providing the end user with guarantee and safety fortification to EU standards
  • The Klipa is intended to be released under load, this feature offers welfares in a rescue situation where release from the system is needed
  • The modest design is both easy to run and ergonomic

Other Benefits

  • This structure is both cost effective and can be retro-installed with the least of adaptation to present adventure park/voyage ropes course.
  • The escapade aspect of the expedition remains in the front position of the end user insight, maintaining the quest element with inbuilt inherent protection.
  • The Klipa system is both easy to function and offers a fail-safe connection at all times.

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