Hard Money Business Loans

Hard money business loans are a way that companies finance their operations on a short-term basis. A person may find that their company is failing and just needs a short-term solution or maybe a purchase is needed to keep the company operating. High interest rates help to guarantee the investors and lenders a return on their funding. Interest rates can be as much as double in comparison with other types of loans. However, a company can pay the financial agreement off early and save money on interest. The interest charged is not usually based upon the financial history of the company or the owner’s credit history but having good credit will certainly help with an approval if there is a question on providing funding. “Come, every one that thirst, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price” (Isaiah 55:1).

Lenders online that offer equity funding do not all use investors for funding which means that investors do not have to approve the funding. Some have other sources such as their own capital and major banks. These types of hard money business loans are easier to get an approval on and usually have a fast turnaround time on getting the funding. Getting preapproved through an online application makes the process even faster. Online applications are usually easy to fill out but for assistance most sites have instant chat with an account representative or they have a toll free contact number. Online applications through lenders online usually require the business name, phone number, email address, start up date, and the type of business.

Equity funding from major banks with a direct lender that does not require approval based upon debt to income ratios can be found on the Internet. These may be secured by notes and contract receivables or other types of assets. Hard money business loans can be easy to acquire if the borrower hooks up with the right lender. Equity funding loans are not anything like traditional business loans. They are short-term that can mature from a few months to as long as several years. Some lenders will even allow the borrower to pay interest for a certain period of time to bring the monthly payment amount down to get over a tight financial period.

Property that may be used for collateral with equity funding includes real property such as office buildings, commercial buildings, single-family dwellings, land, apartment buildings, and so on. Hard money business loans may require an appraisal of any property used for funding. Depending upon the value of the property lenders may approve financing for as much as 75% of the value of the property used for collateral. Some lenders will approve funding for companies who are trying to sell. If the property is substantial but will not sell because it needs something or is not finished due to construction funds running out, a company owner has a good chance of borrowing the existing funds through a hard money loan to complete construction so the property will sell.

Business owners often look into hard money business loans because they are designed to help keep a company from failing. Companies that need emergency funding where a property can be used as collateral are often eligible for funding. Companies that are having difficulty because their equipment has broken down or they have too much debt might want to consider finding a lender that offers equity funding or bridge loans. These are basically the same thing as hard money loans. They can provide funds for new inventory, better or damaged equipment, pay for marketing, expansion, and keep the company from going under. There are other loan options that can be found online including cash advance, economic development, and start-up.

Small businesses have another option that might be better than hard money business loans. Some lenders allow a company to obtain a cash advance based upon their future sales. They offer unsecured small business loans that are not difficult to get an approval for. As long as the company is doing well financially and has the potential for future sales there is a good chance of being approved. Lenders normally want the security of a percentage of future credit card sales to secure the loan amount but once the amount is paid back then the transaction is complete. Cash advances for companies do not usually require credit checks or personal guarantees and are much easier to get approved for compared to traditional bank financing options.

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Veterans Small Business Loans

Veterans small business loans are funding programs for veterans available through many sources that are approved by the Small Business Administration. The SBA offers assistance to individuals who want to start a company through a veterans small business loan and other means. Offering educational guidance and loan assistance through these programs, the SBA actively supports those who have served the United States through duty in the military. This organization provides information regarding this specialized lending program within an overall informational format designed to give people the information and means to create a successful venture.
Information regarding entrepreneurial ideas, franchises, start-up plans, veterans small business loan options and ownership options are offered within the education format. Detailed instruction on how to write plans, how to apply for veterans small business loans, types of ownerships and other important instruction is available through SBA sponsored workshops. Online workshops offer an easy and effective format for prospective owners to learn more about planning and implementing concepts from funding programs to training and management.

Understanding what is involved regarding the amount of capital and the methods of financing capital are important concepts to understand before applying for assistance. One of the most cited reasons for failure of companies is the lack of sufficient capital to support the new business from start up through early cycles of fluctuation. Before assuming a veterans small business loan, a prospective owner should carefully consider the investment requirements, including possible costs and needs. Veterans small business loans can adequately cover all the evaluated costs needed to conduct a successful venture. This funding is designed especially for veterans who are prospective owners and is offered alongside planning programs to support a successful venture.

Many new businesses do not have enough realistic capital invested in order to carry it through adjustment periods. A miscalculation on investment needs can cause failure in the initial stages of a venture. A veterans small business loan can help establish financial stability through these early stages. A veteran that is interested in beginning a company should check with several sources including the SBA to receive information regarding planning, implementation and execution as well as to discover the benefits of veterans small business loans. “Have not I commanded thee: Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whither soever thou goest.” (Joshua 1:9)

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Fixed Rate Loan

Fixed rate loans are funds granted to borrowers that carry an interest rate that will stay consistent and not fluctuate with the market until the end of the repayment term. A fixed rate loan can be offered by mortgage brokerages, lending institutions, personal investors and the government. This type of financing, as applied to mortgages, is one of the most popular types of mortgage methods. A 30 year program is recommended for those homebuyers that plan on owning the home for a long period of time. An alternative source of financing can be adjustable interest rate loans.
Adjustable interest programs are offered to borrowers who anticipate either the resell or refinance of their original mortgage, or the national interest index to lower. Choosing to borrow money utilizing fixed rate loans is wise when the national interest indexes are low. An adjustable interest type of financing plan should be taken out when interest indexes are expected to be even further lowered, or there is a short term ownership of the property (for example, buy, fix up, and resell). Those interested in obtaining a fixed rate loan should contact their local lending institution for current indexes available to them.

In order to get the best program, a borrower should have good credit. Good credit is categorized as having a FICO score of 690 or above. Credit scores directly determine the interest on fixed rate loans as well as adjustables. While adjustables tend to be lower than a stable index program, in a time of national low interest, the fixed rate loan can hold interest charges just as low as and sometimes lower than adjustables. In regards to a home purchase during low stable times, choosing this type is the best option. Some also choose the financing with interest only payments. This method maximizes savings of one’s monthly income.

Since credit scores directly determine the interest charge, it is wise for a borrower to discover their credit score and raise it as soon as possible. The most effective way to quickly raise a credit score to obtain a fixed rate loan is to pay down credit card balances. The Bible says in Romans 13:8 “Owe no man anything”. This includes credit card debt. Not only does debt do detrimental damage to individuals physically (lower credit scores, higher insurance premiums, higher rental deposits), but it damages a person spiritually. God said Christians cannot serve two masters. If debt is one master and God is the other, living in this society forces all to choose debt. To become spiritually disconnected with God is far worse than any happiness obtained from the purchase of material possessions.

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Condo Construction Loan

A condo construction loan can be the answer for those desiring to pursue new construction, rehab existing condominiums or build new condo office units. Depending on the market and how well condos are selling, condo construction loan lenders can provide any amount of money dependent upon the borrowers credit rating and other factors. Whether the unit will be for commercial or private use, there will be a lender out there ready and waiting to provide services for the builder or rehabber. In general, lenders want to see that the borrower shows experience in the industry, has capital, has done the homework of getting the necessary permits put into place, has considered carefully the viability of the project and has the sales and marketing support to ensure the property is lucrative after building has been completed.
Many offering a condo construction loan will not likely make a deal for less than one million dollars. Also, the property should be well situated to have adequate access to interstates and main avenues of traffic. Most building loans have interest that must be paid whenever a draw is requested, and in general, that money can be rolled into the total amount of money requested to cover these payments. Also, there will inevitably be changes made to the construction plans that were not foreseen, and so this will cause change orders to occur. In order to ensure these costs are covered, a contingency fee is added to the amount requested, usually up to 10% of the total amount of money requested. The final mortgage amount will be based on the value of the property after all construction has been completed, and is referred to as the equity. Of course, these loans will usually be higher for a new building than for a property that has already been acquired.

Builders interested in obtaining a condo construction loan must make sure that all the plans are completed and ready to go, that the specifications are evident, and have information about who will do the work. Lenders want to be comfortable knowing that the company doing the building is financially solvent so that all the work will be completed without difficulty. Also, the condo construction loan lender may engage someone to provide oversight of the project who will report back to them regarding the progression of the work. Should the project not be a new building, but rather rehabbing of existing condominiums or apartments, then there are lending instruments available referred to as condominium conversion loans. These are based on the potential amount of rental income that can be extracted from the units from all types of leases. The idea is to upgrade the property to the point that the income is larger after the improvements have been made than if no improvements were made. In many cases, the units are sold off to pay down the mortgage.

There is another type of condo construction loan that is provided to those who own property and plan to build condominiums on it, but sell the land tracts in order to have enough money to put down before actual construction commences. Many times banks will not loan the building money until there is certainty that people are interested in buying, and this is why a certain number of tracts need to be sold before loan negotiation can begin. Those who purchase condos prior to construction will discover that the price of these dwellings will be less than if purchased after the building has been completed. Purchasers should be sure to do the homework in ensuring the reservation agreements are carefully prepared, with the understanding that there is a certain amount of time to decide to back out of the deal if necessary. Should the deal go forward, then a down payment is made which will be a certain amount of the full purchase price and a contract signed. After the building has been completed, then a Certificate of Occupancy will be provided prior to closing.

When investigating a condo construction loan, it may also be a good idea to find out about the condo community after all the units have been built. There may be a condominium association fee that must be paid on a monthly or yearly basis to provide for upkeep of the community. Also, do not let the contractor try to increase the price of the condo to the value it will be after the construction is completed. The price should be lower. Do not forget to negotiate that all important interest rate to get the very best terms for the loan.

The aging of America has brought the condominium into play as a viable real estate commodity for the senior. Those over the age of fifty look forward to the continued pride and enjoyment of owning their place of residence but want to shun the responsibility of maintenance and upkeep, kind of like wanting the dog that licks your face and cuddles with you but having to walk him every day isn’t required. Because cleaning the gutters and shoveling the snow are things of the past condos continue to rise in popularity and the person who not only knows how to get a condo construction loan but also knows how to use it to make large profits will be not looking for work any time soon. But in the midst of making money and having few household chores to do with condominium living Jesus tells all people something profound. “I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” (John 14:6)

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Investment Loan

Investment loans are generally long term loans that allow someone to invest in material and non-material items. The material, or tangible assets, focus on housing, building, and other substantial physical structures. Non-material loans can cover stocks, bonds, and shares. The Internet can be a great place to review economic reports and discover good strategies. And, the Internet can offer information on different companies that specialize in getting these to investors. If wanting to explore something like this, but lack the capital to do so, then there are investment loans that might be a help to a future financial portfolio.
When an investor wants to make money by putting funds into an asset that will return profit, and wants to borrow money for the transaction, it is called an investment loan or leveraging. Leveraging is used, generally over the course of a long period of time to allow money to accumulate worth and helps an investor by allowing him to build up his investment capacity and boosting profits or returns. Also, an investor can buy more shares of stocks of a certain market, becoming a heavy stockholder and gaining greater participation in the markets. With an investment loan, one may have the extra capital to spread their investments, making some investments less risky than the higher return options.

The Internet can be a great place to begin financial studies and economic trends evaluations. The convenience of the Internet has brought incredible financial information to the fingertips of many, and now the average consumer can receive an in depth education on investment strategies. An investment loan is also available online through different lending sources, and investors can shop several sources, finding the best source for their financial needs. Never before has this been easier to research and obtain.

Making investments for our financial futures by acquiring the right financing via investment loans can offer a sense of security when planning for financial stability. But, there is an investment that will pay in incredible dividends, beyond any earthly imagination. There is a call to every person of mankind to invest his or her life into the cause of Christ. Christ came and died for the sake of saving the eternal lost from eternal destruction. And, He calls each man and woman to follow His life’s example by investing into the spiritual things of eternity now. “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal; for where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.” (Matthew 6:20-21)

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Unsecured Start Up Business Loans

Unsecured start up business loans may be an excellent way to get the financing needed for the business. Lending institutions are often very agreeable to lend money to clients with good credit history. This type of financing is an easy, hassle-free way to obtain financing without having to put assets against the note. They are available to all types of reasons and for amounts ranging from a few thousand dollars to quarter million dollars. The term can extend anywhere from 24 to 84 months.
This type of financing can be obtained by contacting lending agencies and applying by phone or online. Applicants can know within 24 hours if they are approved. While unsecured start up business loans have a higher lending rate than those with collateral, the differential between interest rate is not substantial, which makes an unsecured start up business loan a convenient way to obtain start up cash for a new business. However, while easy cash provides a way to open the business, it could lead to a larger debt load than if the owner had to put collateral up to guarantee the financing. For this reason, before applying for an unsecured start up business loan, evaluate resources and income. Check out all options for financing before choosing an unsecured start up business loan.

Before signing any contracts, evaluate the specific needs of the situation. If looking to finance large items like equipment or computers with the cash from unsecured start up business loans, it may not be the best use of that money. God requires His people to treat money as if it was the passageway to heaven. The way a Christian uses money indicates his or her responsibility with the treasures in heaven. Knowing that money is being used in the wisest way possible will ensure personal comfort as well as the knowledge that these actions will please God.

No interest credit cards or even low interest credit cards could help finance those purchases without overextending financial obligations. Unsecured start up business loans have benefited people who do not have other means of obtaining start up cash. Research to make sure the company is reputable. Read all the fine print to guard against unwanted or hidden fees. If a deal seems too good to be true, don’t sign on it; Take the time to research all options before settling on one. Remember that if the timing doesn’t seem right then it probably isn’t.

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Federal Business Loan

Federal business loans are available to help small businesses get the capital needed to start or expand a company. This funding can be used for specific procurement projects with the Federal Government and other industries that trade with the United States Government. An SBA loan is a federal business loan and is offered to those who meet certain criteria in the small business sector. Funding from the government is a result of the financial component of the SBA, but is not always extended from the government, sometimes just guaranteed. There are also grants available for some circumstances and anyone looking into the various financial assistance programs available should first research data for receiving a grant for their venture.
Most government loans through the SBA have specific qualifications that must be met in order to receive approval. A federal business loan is granted to a small company based on the ability to qualify and meet the standards set forth by the SBA. Federal business loans are actually extended by conventional commercial lenders, but backed by the government, ensuring payment to the lender. Any default will result in a pursuit of repayment by the government. These funding programs exist to promote healthy commercial opportunities for those that might not be able to launch or expand a company otherwise, and many programs of this nature are often extended to minority groups and women when at least 40% or more, by said group, owns the company.

There are many different types of federal business loans available to small businesses and other industries that provide services to the government. Those applying for a federal business loan can begin researching the various financial assistance programs online and discover how their venture can benefit from government sponsored funding. Also, with the natural catastrophes that occur, small business owners in the areas hit by hurricane force winds, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other destructive events should know that there are special considerations for those businesses that are victims of a natural disaster.

When an owner is considering expanding a company there can be uncertainty and doubt. Receiving financial assistance is always a tricky part of beginning a company, which is why federal business loans are so important. Knowing for sure that the entrepreneur can make a success of business is not possible, but people are often called to live by their faith. God promises to provide for every need when people seek Him first and give Him the glory for all that is good in life. His Word, the Bible teaches us to, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not on thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

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Special Business Loan For Women

Special business loans for women provide a vast array of opportunities for female entrepreneurs with a desire to prosper in a variety of different industries. Many funding services and programs have been devised specifically for the benefit of female entrepreneurs. For individuals interested in information on a special business loan for women; development centers, financial companies, websites, and government organizations have the ability and resources to provide valuable assistance, answering questions and giving directions. The programs can provide great business chances for females, like the ability to create more diversity in businesses and industries.
Lending programs are available to assist a woman who desires to create a new company or open a franchise. The funding that is available with a special business loan for women provides the opportunity to invest money into a entrepreneurial project that is important to the woman opening the company. With money and assistance, women have the chance to create companies that will benefit the needs of other women. Special business loans for women offer the means and funding necessary to succeed.

These programs are an excellent way to create diversity. Often, men are seen as the rulers and leaders of businesses and companies throughout the world. Not until the last few decades have females been able to showcase talents in businesses, especially throughout the United States. With special business loans for women, females have the possibility to develop businesses and run them from a female perspective. With a special business loan for women, these individuals have the chance to change the face of business throughout the world.

Funding through many lenders and organizations provide women with opportunities that did not previously exist. Special business loans for women have the ability to open doors to new ideas, creations, and ventures. For many females, this can be a very trying time. Developing a successful venture in a field or area dominated by men is something that can intimidate or scare even the most intelligent and capable woman. Taking the time to pray and trust in the Lord for strength and help will allow a woman to take on this and other daunting tasks. “For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee” (Isaiah 41:13). Having the knowledge that God is there to take part in a business venture will provide a person with the peace of mind needed to create a successful company.

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Christian Business Loan

A lending institution granting money which must be repaid to Christian companies is a Christian business loan. Most lending institutions do not discriminate against Christian or non-Christian company owners/borrowers. They are more interested in the company’s ability to repay the amount borrowed. In order to be considered for lending, the company owner will need to provide certain types of documentation to prove their ability to repay the amount. Typically, the lending institution will run credit checks, employment verification, current and past tax returns information, and perform reference checks on the borrower.

Once the borrower’s personal information has been approved the lending institutions will want to see a thorough company plan, marketing ideas, fundraising plans, etc. When applying for a Christian business loan, the borrower will need to provide a three-year projected cash flow for their company, a budget, and any current income the company is acquiring. In most cases the lending institutions will require a down payment on the balance.

Lending institutions usually provide two options to the borrower. The Christian business loan can come in the form of a line of credit or a direct loan. When a bank issues a line of credit, they create a checking account for the borrower. The borrowers then can withdrawal money as they need it and only have to pay interest on the money used. The other type of Christian business loans is a direct loan where the lending institution sets up a monthly payment plan and issues the total amount at one time.

Obtaining Christian business loans maybe a complicated process, however, there are many different types of assistance a company owner can utilize. Private and public organizations provide assistance with writing businesses plans or creating marketing strategies. Some lending institutions have loan programs for women or minority business owners. This might be a program that some Christian business owner could be a part of in order to obtain a Christian business loan. In order to successfully obtain lending, businessmen should educate themselves, plan their company, and contact a reputable lending institution.

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International Business Loan

International business loans are classically taken for the purpose of helping a worldwide business prosper. This money is lent for an exact amount of time at a specific interest rate. There is an array of types based on interest rate and credit amounts and come in a variety of ways. Some will require collateral and are secured. While some are non-secured, it will be dependent, as with any loan, on credit worthiness. If in the market for this type of financing, here are some especially significant aspects to keep in mind.
Only borrow what the company needs as taking out extra money may only damage the business later on. Shopping around and looking into international business loans with people already known will be extremely beneficial. The reason for this is that, hopefully, a good standing has been developed with them and their financial ethics are acceptable. The banks hesitate when dispersing an international business loan as their priority is the ability for repayment. If good credit has been established, the likelihood for qualifying is much better. An even better likelihood of success is looking to Him from whom all good thing come. “Seek the Lord and His strength, seek His face continually.” (1 Chronicles 16:11)

Financial institutions want to make sure that lending this money will help the community to prosper. It will have to be proven that only an international business loan will help international trade and help to develop export markets. No matter what the circumstances are, there is a list of documentations that will need to be provided to the financial institution of choice. Certification paperwork can be lengthy and time consuming when applying for these loans, so patience with this process will be essential. If a good amount of positive credit is not had and still in need of financing, there are some steps that can be taken to help work toward the goal.

It’s most important to buy products, supplies and equipment from companies that will report the business positively. International business loans are not going to be based on personal credit; therefore if using a personal name for the application instead of a company name, financial institutions will be less likely to approve an international business loan. The reason for needing the money must meet the criteria that a bank is looking for. Common needs for these loans are inventory, equipment, and franchise loans.

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